Surviving The Move...And Your Growing Belly: Tips For Relocating While Pregnant


From strange cravings and aversions to strong odors to seemingly unending nausea and back aches, pregnancy is fraught with plenty of challenges. As a woman progresses in her pregnancy, the glow and excitement are often replaced with exhaustion and impatience – and on top of this you have to move! If you're uncomfortably pregnant and facing a move, here are a few tips to help you survive the ordeal:

Preparing and Packing

If you've ever moved in the past, you know that the seemingly-straightforward task of organizing and packing is actually very time consuming. Pregnancy will only complicate this issue, which is why it's important to give yourself even more time.

In addition, here are a few more tips that can help make the process of packing, unpacking and organizing that much easier:

  • Start Out Organized – Before you pack a single box, start the moving process by making an extensive "To Do" list. For example, create a master supply list, determine the packing order for each room and most importantly, who you can call in-a-rush if you run out of boxes or packing peanuts.

  • What's In That Box – It' no secret that pregnant women often have horrible memories, which is why Today's Parent recommends labeling every box. If you don't have the time to write down everything a box contains, take a picture of the contents and tape it to the box, instead!

  • Ask for Help – Don't be afraid to ask anyone and everyone you know to pitch in and help. If you're far along in your pregnancy, you should allow someone else in the household to take responsibility for organizing and packing – especially if you're not feeling your best.

  • Hire Professionals – Finally, if you cannot seem to find time between your doctor's appointments, shopping trips and much-needed naps to pack and clean, it's time to spend a little more than you anticipated and hire movers.

Know Your Limits

For many women, it's difficult to accept their new pregnancy-related physical limitation. If you're a do-it-yourself gal who is planning to coordinate and participate fully in the move, it's important to recognize any potential signs that you're overdoing it, which according to Baby Center include:

  • Bleeding or Increased Vaginal Discharge – It's not uncommon for women to lightly bleed or notice a little more vaginal discharge during pregnancy. However, if the amount of discharge or blood has increased dramatically, it's time to stop and call the doctor because either could be a sign of premature labor.

  • Swelling – Once again, increased water retention is typical during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester. However, according to Baby Center, if you begin to experience excessive swelling and pain in your calves, it could be a sign of a clotting issue known as deep vein thrombosis.

  • Dizziness, Headache and Nausea – If you begin to suddenly feel dizzy, faint, nauseous or have an unexplained severe headache, it's vital to stop what you're doing and sit down. These symptoms could be a sign of dehydration or heat exhaustion – both of which are dangerous for you and the baby.

  • Changes in Your Baby's Movement – Finally, if your otherwise active baby is suddenly still, it could be a sign you're taking on too much.

Whatever symptoms or issue you experience, it's vital to seek immediate medical attention.

If you're facing several hours in a car or moving van, or even just stocking your stuff in a Yellowhead Self Storage, it's important to stay comfortable on the road. Wear your favorite sweats, bring plenty of snacks and beverages, stop every few miles to stretch and most importantly, know the location of all the hospitals along the way -- just in case your little bundle decides to make an unexpected arrival!


22 July 2014

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