4 Ways Storage Lockers Protect Your Bottles Of Wine


Despite your best efforts to be careful, fragile item breakage is just par for the course during a lengthy move. Your highly coveted bottled wine collection can only hope to escape this fate if you smartly utilize a storage locker during your move. In addition to preventing bottle breakage, the storage locker can keep your wine in perfect light, temp and humidity conditions to preserve the corks and contents. You may even decide to leave your collection there after settling into your new home in order to effortlessly maintain ideal storage conditions.  Read on to learn more information.

Light Restriction

Although your wine is packaged in dark colored bottles, the contents are still sensitive to intense natural and artificial light conditions. You want to keep the lights out as much as possible to avoid changing the taste profile or color of your wine. White wine, in particular, is especially sensitive to pigment changes, as it will turn an orange tone with subsequent periods of exposure.

Although artificial light has a negative impact on your wine, UV rays from sunlight can wreak the most havoc on the contents. Therefore, a windowless storage facility, with the lights off, is the perfect location for your collection.

Temp Regulation

Wine kept in long-term storage conditions needs to sit at the ideal temperature of about 13 degrees Celsius, or 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Closely controlling the temperature protects the wine flavors from developing a bitter, acrid aftertaste. Wide temperature fluctuations, especially when far outside the ideal range, may quickly cause this unpleasant flavor change.

Thankfully, you can set the thermostat to your ideal temperature and it will stay within a few degrees of that number indefinitely. Your storage locker may even utilize backup generators to prevent a power outage from disabling the temp control equipment.

Humidity Management

The cork material is quite sensitive to dry conditions, especially when kept in the neck of a wine bottle for years or decades. If you control the humidity level in your wine storage facility, you can keep the corks from drying out prematurely. Keeping the bottles on their side will also assist in keeping the cork in great shape.

Set the hygrometer to anywhere between 50 to 70% and keep it at that level throughout the year. The humidity control components will automatically respond to environmental changes to pull moisture out of the air or pipe it back in as needed.

Damage Control

Your storage locker likely offers enough room to set up high quality wooden racks to hold your wine. A good wine rack should cradle each bottle separately by the base of the neck and bottom edge. The wine bottles should never have a chance to touch and rattle together, despite total movement of the racks.

Arrange the racks side by side to make the most of the floor space in your storage locker. Slide each bottle in place on its side to help keep the corks acceptably moist and sealed tight against the glass. If you set up aisles between the wine racks, make sure you have enough room to walk without bumping into the bottle necks.

Transporting Your Wine To The Locker

Depending on the size of your wine collection, you will need take great care while packing all of your bottles up for the move. The bottles need to withstand bumps and jolts while moving down the road in the back of the truck. The wine bottles should not have a chance to clang together or hit the sides of the moving truck. You can achieve safe transport of your wine bottles by packing each one in a container lined with closed cell foam. The foam boards will provide just enough cushion to prevent the bottles from hitting anything with enough force to break the tempered glass.  Hand carry the boxes of wine into the storage locker to keep them from accidentally spilling off the side of the hand truck. 

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16 June 2015

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