Should You Offer Free Moving Services To New Tenants?


Attracting new tenants to your apartment building and getting them to sign a lease can be challenging, particularly if you are situated in an area that has a surplus of rental units. One thing that may motivate a potential renter to choose you over another apartment facility is offering free moving services. Here's more information about this marketing tactic to help you determine if it's a good option for you.

The Benefits of Offering Free Moving Services

Offering free moving services to new tenants is definitely something that will get people's attention, especially since very few landlords provide this perk. Depending on where you're located, though, it can cost an average of $1,000 or more just to move from one single-bedroom apartment to another. Providing a way for new tenants to keep that money in their pockets may land your facility at the top of their favorites list.

Another benefit of offering free moving services is it may help minimize the inconvenience to other tenants at your facility. Sometimes new tenants will move in during the nighttime and annoy their neighbors by making a ton of noise while doing so. Another issue is they may take a long time to unload their stuff from the moving truck, which may be taking up multiple parking spaces in the meantime. To reduce these nuisances, you can restrict the use of the moving service to the daylight hours and hire enough crew to get the tenant's belongings unloaded in the shortest amount of time possible.

Lastly, because of how valuable this perk is, you could use it to justify charging more rent than your competition. For instance, you may charge $50 more per month for the apartment, but the tenants save $1,000 up front because they don't have to hire movers. At the end of the year, they still come out on top since you only charged them $600 in extra rent.

Disadvantages of Providing Free Moving Services

Depending on how you choose to offer the free moving services, things could get expensive for you. For instance, if you choose to operate your own crew and fleet, the cost of purchasing and maintaining the vehicles and hiring staff may exceed any potential increase in revenue.

One way around this issue is to outsource the work to a local moving company. However, you'll still be paying out of pocket for the service, so you'll need to do a thorough cost/benefit analysis to ensure this is a worthwhile investment.

Offering free moving services could also expose you to some legal liability if the movers damage or lose the tenant's property. Again, though, this depends on how you plan to provide the service. If you choose to outsource the actual moving part, then the company who accepts the client would typically be responsible for any losses.

Tips for Implementing a Free Moving Service Program

If you think providing free moving service to new tenants is a good way to attract renters and fill empty apartments, here are a few tips for implementing a program:

  • You can keep costs low by carefully considering which services to offer and who is eligible for them. For instance, you could offer only basic loading and unloading services or limit the free moving option to people who sign year-long leases.
  • If you choose to operate the free moving service in-house, be certain to talk to an attorney about liability issues and what you can do to minimize your risk of getting sued for damages or losses by the tenant. For example, you can have your attorney draw up a contract that stipulates how long the tenant has to make a claim for damages before they lose the right to recover money.
  • Determine which items you will move for the tenant. For instance, some tenants may have recreational vehicles such as boats or ATVs. If you don't want to deal with the headache of moving these items, then you'll need to state upfront what is and is not acceptable.
  • Test the waters by offering the service for a limited period of time, such as during the summer. This can help you determine if there is enough interest in the program to justify implementing it permanently.

For more information about how offering free moving services can help your business, contact a moving company in your area.


18 June 2015

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