How To Properly Protect Furniture On Moving Day


Furniture can be one of the most difficult parts of moving day, since the large and heavy nature of individual pieces, when coupled with irregular shapes, can make it labor-intensive and risky to move. Your furniture is thus at risk of becoming damaged during the packing and moving process. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to ensure that all of your furniture is adequately protected during the move.

Break it Down

The first and most important thing that you can do to prepare your larger items for moving day is to break them down as much as possible. This will reduce the dimensions as much as possible while also reducing the weight of the largest pieces. For instance, you'll want to unscrew legs from the bottom of your couch and tables, take drawers out of dressers, and take out any large glass pieces to reduce the risk of breakage. Be sure to keep any screws and other connecting pieces in a plastic bag that you keep with the item. This way you'll be able to put everything back together at a later date.

Wrapping and Cushioning

While you may be able to pack small items into moving boxes for added protection, you should invest in moving blankets and other forms of cushioning to wrap entirely around your larger pieces, paying particular attention to corners, which are particularly breakable. For mirrors and glass surfaces, before wrapping them, be sure to tape an X shape directly onto the surface of the glass. This prevents shards from flying everywhere in the event that the glass shatters in transit. For additional protection, you may want to consider taping cardboard around the edges and corners of your furniture. Specialized corners can be purchased at most moving and storage supply stores, but you can simply bend a piece of everyday cardboard into position and tape it down yourself to save money and time.

Load Heavy Items First

Beyond actually applying cushioning and breaking down your pieces into the smallest sections possible, you should also be sure to load the biggest and heaviest items into your moving truck first. This makes it much less likely that they will shift and damage other items within your truck, or that other items will damage them. Beyond loading them in first, you should also make sure that you use straps within the interior of your moving truck to secure those larger items to keep them in place.

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26 June 2018

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