Should You Offer Free Moving Services To New Tenants?


Attracting new tenants to your apartment building and getting them to sign a lease can be challenging, particularly if you are situated in an area that has a surplus of rental units. One thing that may motivate a potential renter to choose you over another apartment facility is offering free moving services. Here's more information about this marketing tactic to help you determine if it's a good option for you.

18 June 2015

4 Ways Storage Lockers Protect Your Bottles Of Wine


Despite your best efforts to be careful, fragile item breakage is just par for the course during a lengthy move. Your highly coveted bottled wine collection can only hope to escape this fate if you smartly utilize a storage locker during your move. In addition to preventing bottle breakage, the storage locker can keep your wine in perfect light, temp and humidity conditions to preserve the corks and contents. You may even decide to leave your collection there after settling into your new home in order to effortlessly maintain ideal storage conditions.

16 June 2015

In Between Moving Homes: Tips And Tricks For Keeping Potted Plants In Storage Units


Americans are highly mobile, with the average American moving at least once every 5 years. In between moves, you may find yourself caught in an awkward situation. You may have already sold your home with the new owners ready to move in immediately, but your new home may not be ready just yet. In these situations, self-storage units may be the perfect solution to your problems. If you have potted plants or outdoor plants that you would like to relocate to your new home, carefully storing them in these storage units for several days will generally be fine.

15 May 2015